Supreme Click - Laminate Flooring Guarantee

Your guarantee

Supreme Click gives customers of Supreme Click laminate flooring, apart from their normal statutory rights, an additional guarantee from the date of purchase, in respect of the abrasion resistance of the surface of Supreme Click laminate flooring under the following conditions:


Conditions of Guarantee

Supreme Click laminate flooring has to be checked for existing defects before and during its installation. Flooring which has been installed in spite of visible defects, is exempt from the guarantee. Supreme Click laminate flooring must be installed correctly, in dry rooms and according to its respective utility class. Flooring which has been installed in damp rooms, is exempt from the guarantee. Abrasion areas on Supreme Click laminate flooring must be clearly visible on a surface of at least 1 square cm; in particular the pattern layer has to be rubbed off completely. Abrasion points on any edges and damage caused by exceptional, unsuitable and especially mechanical wear are excluded from the guarantee. To maintain the guarantee, Supreme Click laminate flooring has to be cleaned and cared for according to the care instructions. Any possible claims under the guarantee must be submitted to the supplier together with the original invoice within 30 days of noticing the abrasion. In order to check claims under the guarantee, Supreme Click reserves the right to inspect the floor on site.


Guarantee Commitments

Under the guarantee conditions, Supreme Click will provide replacement of the damaged planks. If the respective Supreme Click laminate flooring is no longer available, the customer may choose a substitute of comparable quality from the current Supreme Click collection. As a yearly depreciation of at least 10% (due to use) has to be taken into consideration, Supreme Click will make the replacement delivery dependent upon additional payment by the customer. Any liability for other damage, especially subsequent damages, as well as costs incurred through installation, picking up and transporting damaged Supreme Click laminate flooring, is exempt.